Yucatan Vacation Home Rentals & Property Management

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, A/C, Pool

Sleeps 4

$500/month includes wifi

(shared lot)

$500/month Beach House (shared lot)

The lot is shared, but this pool is all yours.  Access to the beach is through the gate (just past the pergola)...

...and you are this close to the Gulf.


Contact us for availability - info.yvhr@gmail.com

(Ask about our Beach House for $500/month)

   Inside, the sitting room provides a comfortable space for relaxing.  The TV comes with DVD, and the ceiling fan, along with the door and windows, keeps the house airy.  A small table to the side has seating for 2, and there are 3 stools at the kitchen counter.

   The kitchen comes equipped with a full-size fridge, gas range (no oven), blender and microwave oven.*  Just to the side, the hallway runs toward the rear, with the bathroom to one side.

   Bedrooms:  both bedrooms are furnished with a double bed, and both have built-in shelves and ceiling fan, along with screened windows.  The master bedroom, to the rear, also has A/C.

   The hallway runs from a rear door to the side of the kitchen.  Out the rear door is the utility area with a small wash basin and room for storage.  Beyond that is a small, walled area for hanging out clothes or towels to dry.

   The porch is to the front of the house (the door goes into the sitting room), and overlooks the pool.  Past the pool is a long carport and the larger, oceanfront beach house.

   Located about 20 minutes east of downtown Progreso, you´re only about half that distance to Chicxulub Puerto.  If you´re on foot, there´s a walk of about 1 kilometer out to the main road where you can flag down a collective cab.

Contact us for availability - info.yvhr@gmail.com

(ask about $500/month Beach House)


RATES (USD) - $500 per month




Water - delivered to a 10,000 liter cistern (approx. cost to

              refill is $600 MXN)


Hot Water - yes, electric water heater 


TV - 1, local channels only

DVD - yes


Internet - yes, wifi


Please note:  All rates are set in accord with the owners.  While we cannot guarantee the response, we will present any reasonable offer for the owners´ consideration.